Jun 15, 2010

Simple Steps To Working Short Sales

When it comes to finding new listings, short sales may be your answer. In an effort to avoid foreclosure some homeowners may resort to a short sale. A short sale is the sale of a home for less than the value of the mortgage with approval from the lender. Before a home can go through the foreclosure process, the lender must file a notice of default, at the County Recorder Office. A NOD is the formal notification to the homeowner that they have lapsed in mortgage payments. All of these records are available at the Recorder's office and it is your job to do the research to find these listings. These public records are accessible by anyone but you must research through all the paperwork to find the names of the people to contact. Although this may be time consuming, you going to the clerk's office will put you ahead of all the other agents fighting for these listings. Some counties have the records online so you could save some time by checking your counties website for these records.

Once you have found potential short sale listings, you must market yourself to these potential clients. Most homeowners are not educated in the subject of a short sale so you want to simplify your pitch to them and let them know you are here to help them. With your help you will eliminate the fear and get their home sold as quickly as possible. In your marketing messages you might use a tag line like "Don't lose your home to foreclosure; I can sell your home within 60 days!" The ultimate goal here is to educate the homeowner that they have options and you can get their home sold before it goes into foreclosure.

As with everything there are challenges with doing a short sale, but they can all be outsourced. With a short sale there is always a lot of paperwork that must be completed, a large percentage of transactions fall through, and they are very time consuming. These simple problems can be fixed through outsourcing. There are many qualified people to handle the tedious work of a short sale and many of them don't require payment until close. Your best tool in a short sale is delegation! And when it comes with transactions that fail, take advantage of the new contact made. The potential buyers may be interested in your other listings and can lead to another sale!

Home sales are plentiful and rewarding. With a little research you can gain many new listings and new clients to add to your contact list. Take the time to do the research and you'll find more success in your business model.

B2B, B2C And C2C, What Are They?

In e-commerce communication, people usually encounter some curtailed words, such as B2B, B2C and C2C, etc. Maybe some people could not understand what these abbreviations mean. Therefore, we could find the questions like "What is B2B, B-to-B or BtoB?" "What is B2C, B-to-C or BtoC?" "What is C2C, C-to-C or CtoC?" in different search engines. What is B2B? B2B (B-to-B or BtoB) is short for Business - to - Business and describes commerce transactions between businesses. This also means exchange of products, service, or information between businesses rather than between businesses and consumers. B2B includes two modes basically, one is the commerce communication between enterprises directly (such as the manufacturer's online procurement and online supple, etc.), and the other is through third e-commerce website platform for business activities, for example, the www.alibaba.com is one of B2B platform, and the different enterprises will publish or query information on it, then communicate or negotiate with potential customers. The vast majority of products and services sold are usually considered to be B2B. What is B2C? B2C (B-to-C or BtoC) is short for Business - to - Consumer, or the popular retailing part of e-commerce on the Internet. It can be interpreted as business sells products or provides services to consumers directly. Such as www.Amazon.com is the most famous B2C e-commerce site. B2C is the enterprises who are via the Internet to provide consumers a new type of shopping environment - online shop. Consumers could shop from the Internet through the online shopping and payment, especially for busy office worker, this model can save valuable time for them. What is C2C? C2C (C-to-C or CtoC) is the abbreviation for Consumer - to - Consumer. It is the e-commerce communication between consumers but through some third platform. Take www.ebay.com for example, the consumers could post their own items on this site for sale and wait for other consumers bid to purchase it. The third platform eBay just charges a flat fee or commission from these consumers. C2C, this form is becoming more and more popular among common people, especially for those young students in universities, because lots of young people want to start their own business at their spare time from a low region. So C2C offers the opportunity to them.

My Boyfriend Is Cheating On Me - How Can I Save Our Relationship

What can you do to save your relationship if you think your long time boyfriend is seeing another girl? There could be many reasons he is doing this and listed below are some of them. If you really care about him and love him then think hard about what may be your situation.

First thing to ask is have you done something yourself that may have angered him and caused him to stray on you? Have you done something to him or even not done that may have him give up on you?

How are your communication skills when you are together? Can the two of you carry on a good conversation together or is it hit and miss. The better a couple can communicate the better they can work out problems together. Being able to Communicate can be one of the best things a couple should work on.

To go hand in hand with communicating, how about listening. Do you listen with selective hearing? Paying attention when you want to is not good communication. If you don't pay attention to your boyfriend you may miss out on some important times together or you may miss out on some clues that something is wrong with the relationship. Of course this goes for him listening to you also.

Sometimes men may stray because they are not getting the attention they crave at home. They may meet another girl that gives them some admiration that they desire and it makes them feel special. If you have not been giving him the admiration he wants at home maybe you better rethink your way of treating him. Treat him like a man and you may find he would prefer to be with you.